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So, I'm a few months late registering my site and everyone thinks I stole the idea from HIM?? I have a busy life and I can't keep track of what sorts of people are registering other Unterzuber websites. I searched Yahoo and found that Unterzuber.com was taken. I'm gonna fight it!! You can't keep a website that rightfully belongs to someobody else with prier claim. He can kiss my butt! Besides, the whole idea of the way its layed out was mine originally!

This show on HGTV rocks!! "House Hunters" is the most original show you can imagine! You get to follow a really dumb couple around while they look at houses they might buy. No matter what the house is like, they always say that everything is, "Nice." ("Nice door." "Nice driveway." Nice counters.") You'll bust a gut seeing how much people in California pay for crappy little bungalows. Then, they buy a house I wouldn't even go look at. When they're looking, the host tells you everything in advance. Host: "Bill and Terri are looking for a house in the same neighborhood and school system, but need at least two bathrooms and would like a house on a cul-de-sac." Terri: "This house was big enough when we bought it, but now we're looking for a house in the same neighborhood and school system, but we need at least two bathrooms and would like a house on a cul-de-sac." It's a riot.

I think it would be pretty cool to have a Cheshire Cat! To start with, it could talk, so you could come home and it would be able to tell you where it threw up the hairball while you were at work. Plus it could tell you, "Don't bother opening the door...I just want to look outside through the glass for a minute." But best of all, you could have it disappear when your neighbor brings over his kids who are scared of cats. Yeah! Then, when the cat scratches the kids and they go screaming to Daddy, you can act all innocent and say, "Boy! I really feel sorry for your kids having emotional problems where they're all scratching themselves and all." I'd laugh my butt off and say, "Great work, Cheshire Cat!"

How can Celine Dion be The Devil when she has such a cute, non-Damien-looking son?? I mean, it looks like this kid is perfactly normal and well-adjusted. He's just shy. And I know for a fact that Celine (who sings like an angel and donates to charity so she must be a good person) can't be Satan because Janeane Garofalo is much more likely to be Satan. (But I don't think I've ever seen Celine and Janeane together at the same time, so I might be wrong.) This other guy making fun of Celine is really mean and has too much time on his hands.


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